Dedicated to the future - stuff that I might forget :-)

Tools I'm lovin

"Give me back my dialogs" ( - useful, when having dual monitor setup, and windows get lost

Plugins (3ds):

Plugins (AE):
Frishluft Lens Care
VCP optical flares
Neatvideo remove noise

Linear Workflow (Log+cgi)

Linear workflow (After effects + 3ds max + vray + log-c footage)

Turn Biped more than 360

Doing a fast turn (more than 360 degrees of animation) with a biped (3ds max).

Biped has its quirks, one of them is that you're not able to go beyond 360 degrees, when
turning the bip01 object. In curve editor, you can see the curve "pop back", when exceeding 360.

1. Create another controller in the BipRotationList.
2. Animate that controller beyond, it will be added to the std. controllers values.
3. IF you want to adjust the std. bip controller, remember to turn OFF "enable subanims".
4. Turn it back on, when finished adjusting.
5. IF you want to remove the extra controller, you HAVE TO turn on "manipulate subanims".

Droplet study - work in progress

Foggy droplets on a surface

Trying to make a colored droplet on a surface. Intersection between the droplet and surface, changes the GI, and refraction.
Furthermore, you always need to have at least 1 as value for each rgb, otherwise weird tinting appears.