22. maj 2015

A2SEA - cgi breakdown

..you wanna get nerdy?


5. maj 2015

Medical Reel up!

Finally, I got some time to make my medical reel, targeted at - the medical industry :-)

click the image

29. marts 2015

Medical Reel - teaser

..soon to come

I've been doing a lot of this lately, so in near future, I will introduce my Medical Reel, specializing in product-explainers/visualization, for corporate/sales/end user purposes.

Here are some stills until then...

2. maj 2014

CGI Montage (Washtec)

Created a montage of four full cgi ads, incl. some wireframe.

Done at Larsen VFX last year :-)

22. februar 2014

Work Samples

some stills from the harddrive :-)

12. december 2013

Fætter BR - Sponsor flics

Here's a couple of BR-spots more..


Animation/Art Direction/Facial Modelling/: Me
Modelling/Lighting/Render/Comp: Alien Workshop

3. december 2013

Fætter BR Christmas 2013

Finally, able to show our little secret (not so secret anymore - runs on the tv :-)
Alien Workshop and I, are really proud to show our latest collaboration with this little guy.

Animation/Art Direction/Facial Modelling/: Me
Modelling/Lighting/Render/Comp: Alien Workshop

6. november 2013

Telia - "Fri Tale" & "4G"

Working for the danish agency, WeLovePeople, I did the animation for "Fri Tale".
Unfortunately, this is a cut-down version.

"4G" - Animation by Thorbjørn Kristoffersen.
Just doing minor animation add-ons, like the fingersnapping, and the kid in front.

Thanks for the visit - WeLovePeople - very nice and very skillfull people.

Agency: WeLovePeople

HusCompagniet - Energi

Cool to be part of the WeLovePeople - gang. Doing Animation, Lighting, Comp on this commercial.

11. september 2013

ELLE August 2013

Another ad for ELLE dk / Aller Media - done for larsenvfx

10. september 2013

Telia Lumia 925

Ad for Telia - done for larsenvfx. CGI phone & Compositing.

23. august 2013

Aksel Højhus - teaser

Aksel Højhus, a blast from the past.

Just found these images. Proudly participating in R&D on this project ten years ago.
Teaser trailer for Peter Hausner's feature film project.
Setting the Art Direction (colors, background, layout), and doing all 3D modelling, Rigging, Animation, Lighting, Render, Comp.

Thanks A.Film and Peter Hausner.

22. august 2013

Insects, hitting windscreen

A day at the office.
When going for a walk, after looking at this day in, and day out, you get:
"...Hey neat reflection fallof, and the specular mapping - wow" (wife): "honey, it's just a car".

21. august 2013


While waiting for a big project rendering to complete, I made this still in 3dsmax.

12. august 2013

A2SEA - Corporate movie

Doing a mix between full live-action shots, and full CGI shots. introscene and all windmill shots done as full cgi. Such a cool project to be part of.
for Larsen VFX on Vimeo.

9. august 2013

The right fragrance

Vfx in a bottle - Rendered with 3ds max / Mental Ray - comp'ed in After effects

Blog - up and running

Hi all,

My new Freelance blog has just launched.. post will be added regularily.

Best regards, Jesper Colding

8. august 2013

A serious matter

Crashtest dummies, trying to commit suicide, a serious matter, adressed by a serious agency, Lowe & Friends.

Produced at Imagination Film in 2011, for Lowe & Friends. Computer generated Crashtest dummies, modelled, posed, rendered, and integrated into photographed locations.

Done in 3DS MAX & V-RAY


Heey my Showreel is online. Click the image.

HDRI - On Location

A2Sea windmill project - working at Larsen VFX

Very cold, 6 angles, 2 rows, 5 exposures = 60 images
Stitched = High Dynamic Range Image @ 14528*7264

CGI - Ocean & Windmill blades
Result of the before mentioned HDRI map, used for lighting & reflection purposes